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Seattle Civil Engineering Services | Pittman INC

As a professional engineer, John Pittman can provide expert planning and construction surveying for your project.

John Pittman offers inspections as traditional from home inspections to new constructions projects that require different aspects looked into.

Pittman Engineering & Inspection Services provides consultation on land development projects, feasibility studies, site grading, utility design, construction management, and permit coordination for small and medium-sized construction projects.

During a construction survey, an engineer will analyze conditions of a potential work site, including current topography, buildings, infrastructure, and any underground pipes or wiring that may be on the property in question.

If your business or firm is considering a new venture, a feasibility study will help identify opportunities and challenges in developing a potential site for the intended use. This study shares similarities but taken at a different approach, compared to a pre-home inspection. As an independent third-party engineering firm, Pittman Engineering & Inspection Services can provide expert, objective reports into a site’s cost-benefit analysis, potential value propositions, and requirements for environmental and logistical alterations necessary to the project’s success.

Due to the higher business risk faced by construction firms, it’s important to partner with a reliable, professional engineer to perform contract review and drafting, logistics, and price monitoring for critical supplies and materials.

Expert insight into the future of your construction project is only a phone call away. Contact Pittman Engineering & Inspection Services by calling 425-562-7226 today for more information.