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What Is a Construction Survey?
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Part of starting a new construction project is taking the time to plan every detail. This does not happen solely at the beginning of the process. In reality, it occurs throughout the entire project. As any construction project advances, it is often necessary for a surveyor to continually evaluate and make adjustments as circumstances change. The industry refers to these activities as construction surveys.

Construction Survey Defined

In general, a construction survey is a mapping technique used to lay out the locations and markings needed for various construction activities. The surveyor will evaluate the area and make estimations during the project. Having a plan in place will help you determine what kind of adjustments you need to make to ensure you do not encounter foundational problems along the way.

Purpose of the Survey

When engaging in construction or engineering work, it is important to know the layout of the project. You must know where exactly your structure is going to be built or where improvements are going to be executed. One important step when building a structure is gaining prior knowledge of where builders should vertically and horizontally position building materials. Furthermore, in order to properly prepare the area, workers will need to know the dimensions and layout of the entire project.

Conducting the Survey

When a surveyor conducts a construction survey, he or she will first do research and perform a data collection process. The process typically includes reconnaissance, control, and mapping. These steps ensure there is a preliminary plan in place to help control the various stages of construction. Engineers will need an idea of what to expect in order to make design adjustments, provide more detailed plans, and estimate expenses.


The surveyor will examine the proposed vertical and horizontal placement of the structure. He or she will then make observations about where certain supports should be placed so that the building has structural integrity. The surveyor will provide information regarding the soundness of the terrain and whether or not utility services should be relocated to a more optimal position.

Know the Potential of Your Construction Site

If you are considering starting a new construction project, be sure to find the right professional engineer so you can feel confident your project will be a success. Sound construction starts with a sound survey. A construction surveyor in your area can provide the evaluation and resulting plans you need to get your construction project underway.

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